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Assignment 1: First Blog Post & Intro!

Hello it's Jolly, and welcome to my blog!

It basically serves as a documentation of my uni classes and what I've been up to with assignments and such.

Here's what I'm aiming to write about each week:

  • a small blurb for context,

  • documenting things we did in class,

  • any progress on homework or assignments,

  • photographs, video, sound bites, screenshots, and

  • notes of what I'm learning/doing.

I'll also include links to other inspirations if it's relevant!

And this is what I'll be assessed on!

  • 25% Communicates progress within a digital media practice

  • 25% Demonstrates engagement with a range of digital media specialisations

  • 30% Uses design language to communicate and reflect on digital media processes

  • 20% Overall presentation of website/blog and quality of entries



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