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Week 1: Homework

Making boxes!

Using only black boxes, we were assigned to create designs that relates to certain themes or moods.

Vector-transforming exercise of Edward Hopper's painting

Throughout the designing process, I reminded myself to keep the design and shapes as simple as possible.

And so I built the painting from the largest shapes first, layering everything from bottom to top.

By using space between two shapes, I eliminated the need of using a third colour (as shown below).

I also restricted my colour palette by using the same colour/shade whenever possible. For example,

the shadow in the shop windows have the same colour as the windows on the second floor.

The biggest challenge in the painting, I would say, were the curtains.

Looking at videos

The videos that were assigned as homework is basically a summary of week 1's DDM class. I have made a summary of the class here.

Links to the videos:


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