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Week 1: Elements of Design

What did we do in class?

The elements of design were introduced to us:

  • point

  • literal - a point on the page

  • non-literal - point of focus

  • line

  • horizontal - stable

  • upward - aggressive, power

  • diagonal - energetic, unpredictable (appeals to younger audience)

  • ​straight, curvy, zigzag, wavy

  • shape

  • geometric

  • super simplified version of the geometric shapes

  • the more you can take out, the better

  • organic - more curves

  • softer

  • used in furniture & product designs

  • we relate better to organic shapes

  • round

  • curves

  • appealing

  • e.g. target

  • square

  • masculine

  • aggressive, power

  • texture​

  • literal - texture of paper/product

  • non-literal - overlaying texture in design

  • ​texture can make blank space more interesting

  • space​

  • what is there, or not there

  • negative space (or white space)

  • empty space allows the viewers to breathe - resting areas in the design

  • less is more.

What really stood out for me was "less is more" and a complicated design doesn't equal a successful design. Here's a few examples of how this affected my work:

During our exercise, we were making a simplified version of paintings, but still retaining the overall feel of the painting. I chose the Edward Hopper's Early Sunday.

I was in the process of drawing the window frame, when the teacher pointed out a more simplified way to draw it: instead of adding the detail of the shadow, I could easily represent the same effect by simply extending the darker colour to the whole of the bottom frame.


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