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Week 8: Animation

This week we learnt about animation in AfterEffects.

In animation, the objects must move convincingly. Using timing and movement to control the objects, one can learn to replicate the movement realistically.

Things to pay attention to:

  • Timing of the elements. The animation does not all occur at the same time. Remember to pace things and don't rush. This makes the animation more engaging to watch (having it all occur at the same time could be monotonous at times).

  • Believability of motions. For example, you can add a few keyframes to the boxes for a wobbly effect. It should not look too jerky and the motion should be convincing (not too fast/slow). Tweak it until the motion is *just* perfect.


  • Use Fn + left arrow to go back to home

  • Convincing timing is important!



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