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Week 6: Homework

I took a section from the hymn "Abide with Me", written by poet & songwriter Henry Francis Lyte.

My idea is to incorporate the imagery of "eventide" - the archaic word for "sunset" or "dusk' - into the typography.

I tried using a fancy handwriting font, but the black text is ineligible with the dark background, only "eventide" stands out. The overall composition is boring and just seems like a copy-and-paste of the text.

I then added a semi-circular path for the text using the pen-tool, to replicate the shape of the sinking sun.

The sans-serif font works, but the brush font seems too bulky and thick in contrast to the sans-serif. It also stands out too much in the contrasting background, putting extra weight on the composition.

I changed the brush font to a lighter-weight cursive font. I also increased the weight of the sans-serif font, allowing it to be more eligible.

Immediately, the composition feels better. This is because the lighter-weight font lifts the strain off the text, creating a more balanced piece.



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