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Week 10: Advanced Animation

This week we learnt about continuity. It is important to have continuity throughout the animation.

Time and scape are fluid and continuous. Here are some examples you can achieve continuity:

  • Spatial Continuity

  • Maintain position of elements

  • Use frame mobility

  • maintain direction of moving elements from scene to scene

  • Slow down or pause your camera! it helps emphasise important aspects of concept/words.

  • Graphic continuity

  • using visual properties of line, form, value, colour and texture

  • e.g. zooming into a shape that matches a shape in the following segment

  • it morphs around

  • Temporary Continuity

  • using the timing of elements to create continuity

  • Action Continuity

  • actions of elements moving around can used to preserve temporary and spatial continuity.

  • Discontinuity

  • Where you break the traditional rules and jump-cut around -- if you know what you're doing... :)


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