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Week 3: Homework

First lesson for Illustrator practice. In this one, we used the "live paint" tool in Illustrator to fill in the colours of this shape. I used a split complimentary colour scheme to bring out the stripes of the shape.

Next, focusing on the how different shapes create movement, we were assignment to create lines that would guide the viewer to the shapes.

In the first one, I used analogous colours of red-pink & orange-yellow as a background gradient, with high contrast white arrows pointing towards the word, suggestion "direction".

In the second panel, I used another analogous palette with more blue-dominant elements with a hint of yellow. Bringing the yellow along, I included the yellow in the background, and created twirls to bring the eye towards the word "focus". The element is white so it allows more visibility for the text, and also adds unity to the 1st and 3rd panels.



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