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Week 2: Homework

Our homework was to use the knowledge of mobile app design to create a weather app.

Designing the Interface

I start by brainstorming all the features I want to include in my app:

  • main weather location

  • ​weather visual

  • swipe left/right for more locations

  • temperature

  • temperature for next few hours

  • wind speed

  • UV index

  • humidity

  • hamburger menu

  • edit locations

  • settings

  • customise stats

  • daily reminders

The design above is what I came to. A simple scroll interface with just one button at the top for all controls. The visuals at the top changes depending on the location the user selects & what weather it currently is.

When the user scrolls down, a parallax effect is seen, creating a more three dimensional effect. The lines then flow in from both left and right to create the temperature graph. The humidity line curls in to create a circle.

A Weather App for Geographers and Enthusiasts

However, it's all too typical. I want to create something useful, that targets a more niche audience.

What if I designed a weather & information app for people that wanted more specific information on the weather?

I then came up with the weather app for geographers and enthusiasts alike.

This app will include more diverse and technical selection of information such as:

  • beaufort wind scale

  • pressure (barometer - inHg or millibar)

  • visual forecast

  • forecast of temperature change + precipitation graph

  • humidity

  • sunrise and sunset

  • tide and moon information

  • type of clouds present

  • live weather map

The visuals at the top have several important points. The smoke and the trees are usually visual cues to represent the level of wind on the beaufort scale. Here is a quick table I drew to illustrate what each "level" looks like:

The settings exists to allow users to toggle on and off the feature they would like to see.

For example, if they are more interested in making their own forecast judgement, they would need pressure, clouds, weather mapping, and wind scale, and would maybe disable sunrise & sunset and the visual forecast. If a photographer or surfer would want to use the app to navigate, they may turn on sunrise and sunset times, precipitation forecast, tide and moon information, and wouldn't bother with humidity and such.

The flexibility and customisation of the features allow versatility and personalisation depending on the user's needs and interests.

In terms of visuals, I incorporated a mix of flat design and skeuomorphism. The main design is flat, but with texture and resemblance of real-life equipment such as the barometer.



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