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Week 5: Bugs Life

extension of screen space: sound from outside - birds - set the scene

calm music from flute - hopeful

closer to the grass - louder bug noises

leaf makes very large wind sounds - sense of scale

trickling dissonant chord by strings

no sound after that - comedic effect

clapping noises - comedic effect

off-tempo strings

aphid - dog sound?

saw sounds - machine - contrast between the background

sudden change to jazzy sounds

many clunky noises

no music when there is decline

Character: piano representing the old ants

water bubble sounds when telescope moves around to emphasise water

rhythmic clunky noises to show sad bug 😔

sound directs to distant environment when camera pans to it (the tall tree) to emphasise scale

increasing pitch - going up

music comes back when comedic effect comes in

low brass - danger

horns - snail shells

crazy panicking

silence when queen ant commands: major chords

fast low staccato strings - single file + major brass chords, marching snare drum

falling seeds - decreasing pitch

aeroplane-like sounds of the grasshoppers emphasise scale

silence… them BOOM

fast high staccato strings - dissonance brass chords

then very mechanical sounds

low rumbles

Character: flute represents the princess weak voice

low double bass represents the king of grasshoppers - clarinet staccato

Character: buildup of dissonant notes when the dumb grasshopper goes on and on about food chain, with underlying clarinet melody

Character: clarinet melody comes back when dumb grasshopper talks about things

Character: single layer when man bug stands up flute represents weak voice

suddenly switch to pounding

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