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Week 3: Character Design

Pinterest inspirations: https://au.pinterest.com/greyfaerie4/space-cat-character-board/

Childhood & Teenage Years

Name: Cioa

Place of birth: Tauri Stardust

Date of birth: 23 Parallax*, 3850 Parsec**

*Parallax is inspired by the parallax angle, which is the angle of how a distant star relates to the sun and earth, from 0 to 360.

**Parsec is inspired by the unit of distance to measure stars; one parsec is equivalent to 3.26 light-years, or 31 trillion km.

Gender: Genderless

Sexual preference: None

Ethnicity: Nebula Cat

Family members: Cioa was born in the stardust of their parent, Tauri, along with many kitten siblings.

Family relationships: As the progression of nature pushes life forward, Cioa only met Tauri for mere parallaxes before they became the enveloping stardust that nutured Cioa and their siblings, bathing them with life energy. Hence, Cioa's relationship with siblings became very codependent and loving, as they are the only ones left for each other. Cioa is especially close to their twin, Aoii.

Family occupation: For generations, cats born of stardust embark on solitary exploration of the vast wonders in space, igniting stars and spread life across the universe.

Education: Not applicable, although it would be interesting to imagine nebula cats attending college. Instead, Cioa was taught and raised by Tauri, and learned the ways of the universe, and how to take care of themselves in the absence of Tauri.

Personality: A odd-ball in the litter, Cioa is cheeky and morbidly curious, lacking the natural grace and elegance of nebula cats. Cioa has an optimistic but slightly naive outlook on life. Cioa loves family and is very close to their sibling kitties, and naively hopes that they stay together despite their inevitable fate.

Physical attributes: A small fluffball, Cioa is round and bouncy with raised cheekbones and large eyes. Like other nebula cats, Cioa's body is comprived of stardust and is shimmering with stars. Unlike the other kittens, Cioa has a strange attribute which allows them to stretch in length and reach further.

Siblings physical attributes:

Challenges: As Cioa grows to maturity, they know the inevitable fate of the supernova, which will force Aoii and their siblings, embarking on their own adventure. However, Cioa does not want to leave their loved ones, and is faced with the conflict between family and solitude.


Age: 90 Parsec

Location: Travelling to various galaxies and planets.

Personal: Separated from siblings

Physical attributes: A larger fluffball, Cioa grew higher pointy cheekbones and broader body.

Private: Deep down, Cioa hopes to reunite with family one day. However, Cioa aspires to discover more worlds in the vast universe, driven by curiosity. values, beliefs, needs, vanities, delusions, guilt, grief, weaknesses, fears.

Point-of-view: A strong sense of fate fulfilment, Cioa knows the direction they need to take in life, and carry that on for generations. As explorers and nurturers of the universe, it is a heavy burden and duty. However, Cioa has a strong belief in family, and struggles to accept the life of solitude.

Dramatic need/goal

The dramatic need of Cioa is wanting to reunite with siblings, especially with twin Aoii. However, what they actually need is to ignite the flame of exploration and realise the boundless freedom, rather than believing it is a "lonely path".

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