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Week 4: Narrative Outline & Flowchart

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Act I - Setup

1. The Hook

You are Maria, playing hide and seek while exploring around with best friend Sammi, in the neon city of Karim. Locations show the city is highly advanced with a neon glow aesthetic.

2. Characters and setting

As you run around the city to find a hiding spot, you overhear officials talking about recent deaths of people due to unknown reasons, in the nearby forest. Too busy eavesdropping on the discussion, you fall into a hidden grotto, and scrape your knees. You look around and you find a glowing sapling. You kneel down to have a closer look.

3. The Complication

You are shocked to find out that the sapling suddenly starts growing overwhelmingly fast, as the blood on your knees somehow triggered the sudden growth. Your wounds glow green on contact and you are knocked unconscious by the vines.

4. Plot Point #1

You open your eyes and finds yourself surrounded by towering trees and realises you are not in the city anymore. You startle awake as you discover you is trapped by vines around a tree. You attempt to untangle yourself out of the vines, and the same green glow somehow eases the vines.

Act II - Conflict


Choice 1: You venture deeper into the woods.

Choice 2: You try to find a way back to the city.

5. First Part

Result 1/Result 2: You make your way through the forest, climbing over obstacles and navigating your way around.

6. Midpoint

Result 1: You slip and get trapped under some rubble. A strange tree-like dryad child finds you and helps you out of the rubble out of a mixed curiosity and kindness Your wounds slowly glow green and heal.

Result 2: You find your friend Sammi, wounded and you help her bandage it. It suddenly glows green when you touch the blood and it slowly heals. You are both shocked.

7. Second Part

Result 1: The dryad is shocked and is afraid at first, but sees the green glow. They start running in a direction and looks back at you, as if they want you to follow them. You discover the ancient ruins of the dryad and that the ancient forest was destroyed long ago by your people.

Result 2: Sammi leads you back to the city. You discover in horror that you caused the city to be engulfed by the forest. You collapse in despair when everything and everyone you loved was destroyed in the rubble.

8. Plot Point 2

Result 1: You find Sammi wounded. As you help her, you realise you have natural power to heal the wounds. Sammi freaks out when she sees the dryad. You… (1- A/B)

Result 2: People start to gather together to figure out what is going on. A dryad child is cornered by people and you… (2- A/B)


Choice 1-A: Try to explain to Sammi.

Choice 1-B: Side with the dryad.

Choice 2-A: Protect the child dryad.

Choice 2-B: Join the band of survivors.

Act III - Resolution

9. Recovery

Result 1-A: Sammi is reluctant, but then she believes you when you show her the ruins. The dryad shows you the same mysterious green powers. Sammi describes what she saw in the remains of the city, and warns you about the survivors and their plan to burn the forest.

Result 1-B/2-A: In attempts to protect the dryad, they captures Sammi and runs away. You chase after it venturing deep into the forest. In desperation, your dormant natural powers explode and connect with the land and discover the truth of the forest.

Result 2-B: As the dryad runs away, they capture Sammi. You need to figure a way to get Sammi back. Meanwhile, your band of survivors come up with plans against the forest invasion, and gather resources.

10. Showdown

Result 1-A: You rush to help defend the ruins against the survivors assault of fire. You struggle to control your new power but manage to use the river and divert the fire in the end.

Result 1-B/2-A: With your new-found powers, you catch up to the dryad. Although highly uncontrollable, you use your connection with the earth to stop the dryad and rescue Sammi. The dryad is shocked and attacks you at first, but realises you are not their enemy.

Result 2-B: The hoard of monsters attack your friends, and you set up traps of fire to defend your base. You track down and infiltrate the dryad base and rescue Sammi.

11. Growth of the Hero

Result 1-A/1-B/2-A: You realize there must be balance between the forest and city, and somehow they must co-exist together. There is a long road ahead of you, but there is hope.

Result 2-B: You survive the attack. After nearly losing Sammi, you discover more feelings for here after the rescue, and Sammi reciprocates too. There seems to be some hopes to reclaim the city back.

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