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Week 5: Simulation

Game map & controls.

This is the story of Cioa, the character from week 3 characterisation homework. They are a nebula cat, born from the Tauri Stardust, and the game starts after the kittens are left in the dimming nebula of their parent, and they venture out on their own to collect stardust in hopes to become just like Tauri in the future.

The game is an exploration puzzle platform game set in fantasy space, and Cioa moves through the landscape by moving (WASD) and grabbing onto clouds (space bar). Cioa can collect stardust to charge up and expand/elongate themselves to bridge gaps in space. Level 1 starts with a maximum of 3 charges, and when the maximum is reached, it will overcharge and there will be a couple seconds before the charge runs out. Hence, part of the puzzle is not to blindly collect stardust, but to collect the right amount, and on queue.

To Win: Collect enough stardust to navigate the landscape to the portal, but it can only be activated when there is enough stardust to open the portal (aka when the charge is full).

Aesthetics & visual style

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